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12 Aug , 2019

Open House – Draft Land Use Bylaw & Municipal Development Plan

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You’re Invited to the Summer Village of Pelican Narrows Open House!

Draft Land Use and Municipal Development Plan

Saturday August 31, 2019 @ Pelican Narrows Community Hall
Drop in, 10AM to Noon (Presentation at 10:30am)

Last Summer, the Summer Village and MPS hosted a public open house to discuss opportunities for updating the Summer Village’s current Land Use Bylaw. Over the Autumn/Winter, dozens of survey responses were received. The incredible feedback we received informed the preparation of a new draft Land Use Bylaw for the Summer Village.

Additionally, ALL municipalities in Alberta are required to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (Land Use Bylaws are also required!). The information gathered for the Land Use Bylaw update (as well as other Summer Village Municipal Development Plan projects in Alberta we’ve been fortunate to a part of) was incorporated into a draft Municipal Development Plan for the Summer Village of Pelican Narrows.

Both the Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw address land use and development within the Summer Village. The Municipal Development Plan is a forward-focused statutory plan that establishes policy direction to guide development within the Summer Village; the Land Use Bylaw provides specific regulations that apply to everyday development activities.

The Open House is intended to provide you with information about both of the project’s documents; we hope to use your feedback to further improve the draft Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw before they are considered for adoption by Council.

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